Since a young age I always felt most comfortable hanging around record shops, looking for the latest music as with most DJ’s starting out.

Growing my record collection, developing my own individual style and technique, travelling to endless club nights and handing out countless mix tapes this was pretty much the norm back then.

Eventually this paid off, playing at venues up and down the UK, being offered a residence at ‘The Edge’ in Sheffield and being given the opportunity to play along side DJ’s such as Mickey Finn, Grooverider, Swan E, Hype & SS.

However, there was something missing, I felt ready for a new challenge, a new direction. This direction was influenced by DJ’s and producers such as Brian Transeu, Blue Amazon and Paul Oakenfold but most of all the highly acclaimed
7 ways album by Paul Van Dyke.

Then came the introduction to Sasha & John Digweed listening to their style and track selection I was seriously hooked they just blew me away! I then knew where I wanted to go musically.

Former resident for Upclose and personal MCR one of the UK’s leading club nights. Showcasing the best DJ’s from around the world in a intimate environment. We had DJ’s such as, Danny Howells, Nick Muir, Eelke Kleijn,
Quivver, Dimitry Molosh, Guy Mantzur, Robert Babciz and Jody Wisternoff gracing the decks.

Which brings us to the present day, now head honcho of Secluded Records & Secluded Events Worldwide bringing secluded’s unique style across the globe.


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